Once encountered, 

never forgotten

The North Norfolk coast is known for how changeable the weather is - bright blue skies to strong winds and driving rain in a matter of moments.

it's also known for the population of Grey Seals that live there.

Spending time at the start of winter hunkered down on the beach and amongst the dunes allows you to witness these stunning mammals.


Grey Seals

I'm pleased to say that the population of Grey Seals on the North Norfolk coast is currently thriving. 

So, in early November when mornings are cold & frosty and it's dark by 4.30pm, setting the alarm for anything before 7am just doesn't seem right but when you know there's the opportunity to see Grey Seals, and their new born pups, things don't seem as bad.

Having set the alarm for 4am, driven through the early morning frost and fog, I was met with the distinctive cries of the seal pups being carried on the wind.

It's at this point when I'm standing at the boot of my car, donning the layers of clothing required to maintain some sort of reasonable body temperature, I often question my own sanity.

Having trekked across the sand dunes and reached my viewpoint - I'm met with a wonderful expanse of sand, the sound of the waves carries towards me as my face lights up at the number of Grey Seals lying on the beach.

The rude awakening and drive was more than worth it.

I can see a small bundle of white fur sheltering next to a groin from the cold North Sea wind. It looks just hours old and highly likely born during the night. I can see the birthing site and the marks in the sand where it's dragged itself to safety. 

The sun is now starting to peak over the horizon, the red ball of flame highlights the underside of the clouds turning them a beautiful shade of orange. it's cold, frosty, with a little bit of mist in the air. It's all come together nicely.


Today is going to be a great day of photography. 



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