White tailed Sea Eagle expanded x 2  cop

White Tailed Sea Eagle

The Isle of Mull lies just off the west coast of Scotland and has earned a well deserved reputation as one of the best places to see wildlife with a variety of species and diversity of habitat. This image was taken by Loch Na Keal where White Tailed Eagles can be seen fishing and nesting in nearby pine trees.



Welcome to my online portfolio.


It holds a small selection of images that I hope you'll enjoy and represents a variety of different species.

Behind each image is a small story - sometimes it can be a chance encounter or a more targeted approach to capture a particular subject.

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It never ceases to amaze me how much wildlife is right before our eyes - from sparrows in the garden to Foxes in your local church yard, there's always wildlife to be seen and enjoyed.


Head On Hare

It's not until you're up close and personal to a Hare that you begin to realise what a size they actually are.

Built for speed, these animals can run and run they do!

At the first sign of danger they'll hunker down with their large eyes watching your every move and when they see an opportunity to bolt, they're off. 

I spent several early summer mornings in the tracks of my local wheat field lying flat and perfectly still hoping that an obliging hare would make an appearance.


Being in the right place at the right time paid off when this Hare came wondering straight towards me.


I'm not sure who was more shocked!





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