Black Stag Photography

As is often the case our most incredible connections with nature come when we're least expecting them. 

Based in East Anglia, I'm a nature and wildlife photographer, passionate about conservation and everything wild.

I have chosen a small selection of images I hope capture the intimate behaviour from animals often not seen.

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Intimate Moments

The elements were surprisingly kind for this late February morning, with a bright blue sky, little wind and just the sound of the frosted snow beneath our boots to keep us company, we set out across the peaks in the hope of finding a mountain hare. 


My Projects


The Urban Red Fox

(Ruber Vulpes)

Often seen as a nuisance and pest, the Red Fox has been unfairly vilified through the passage of time.

With the ever increasing creep of our conurbations, Vulpes has been left to rely on its wits and cunning to provide food for its young, in an ever changing habitat.

Grey Seals North Norfolk

Once encountered, never forgotten


North Norfolk is home to a thriving population Grey Seals. During late October early November the females start to haul themselves onto the beach in preparation to give birth.

The weather isn't always kind but once hunkered down these wonderful mammals are able to bring new life into the world.



It never seems a good idea to set the alarm before 7am but by the time I had driven the 87.1 miles to the Norfolk coast, I was glad I did.

Hearing the calls of the new born pups carried on the early morning wind I was sure there was a great days photography ahead.



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